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At McCoy Electric Company, we believe that a thoughtful overall strategy is the best way to approach a project. We look ahead to anticipate what it will take to really make a project work. And we're always up front with the customer, taking a personal approach to their specific needs.

This analysis of the "big picture" and careful consideration of each individual situation often prove to be extremely cost-effective for the customer. So in the long haul, our clients receive excellent value for their dollar . . . and that makes for loyal customers.

Our customers relations track record, solid standing in the industry, and high credibility are in large part due to our trusted employees, most of whom stay with us for a long career of dedicated service. These people take pride in the company as their own, and uphold our strong commitment to quality. So our customers benefit in every way possible.

As the industry keeps growing and expanding, so does McCoy Electric, providing high quality service to our customers in the following areas: